Zack Odom

This all really started in my Dad and Grandfather's home studio. They wrote and recorded with me around all the time. One day my dad came home with the sheet music to "Stairway To Heaven" and handed me my first Led Zepplin record.  From that moment on I couldn't stop learning how to play Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, Guns N' Roses, and Metallica Songs.  At that point it was almost impossible to pull me out of the home studio.  I later acquired an internship at Tree Sound Studios which led to a job as Assistant, later to Head Engineer, and finally to Producer.  Before we knew it, Kenneth and I were being asked to produce and write for artists one right after the other.  It hasn't stopped since.

Kenneth Mount

Being raised in Georgia, I spent a lot of my time growing up playing piano, guitar, bass, and drums.  After touring as a drummer for 4 years, I decided to attend Middle Tennessee State University to get a degree in Production and Recording.  After college I met up with Zack at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta to start my career.  After working up through the ranks rather quickly, Zack and I started seeking out bands to produce.  Now having produced and mixed albums over the last 15 years for artists such as The Ready Set, Mayday Parade, and All Time Low; there is absolutely no doubt in my ability to craft hit songs with substance one after the other.