Zack and Kenneth are as talented as they are friendly. They are passionate about creating music and a true pleasure to work with.
— Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade
Zack and Kenneth are extremely well versed in the art of recording. However, they’re even better people. You’ll leave with two friends and a killer record. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today or have learned as much as I have without them.
— Will Pugh of Cartel
Working with Zack and Kenneth was like working with our best friends. During the process of our first E.P. and first Full Length, we felt like we had 7 band members (In the best way). And that is something important to us when it comes to the relationship with our Producers. You want them to be on the same page as you - the vision of the particular record you’re working on , sonically and mentally. It was just what we needed. When I listen to those songs or play them live, I remember having some of my favorite studio experiences. I am proud to work with them and their continued support of our bands career is something very special to us.
— Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd
Zack And Kenneth are two incredible producers. I’ve never met anyone who is as skilled at communicating what they want as much as them. It was a true pleasure and learning experience working with them. They pay close attention to detail and really help you create the best version of yourself. Such a creative and dynamic duo.
— Cody Carson of Set It Off
ZK Productions has to be hands down my favorite team to work with. Every moment with the duo breathes inspiration into any stale song that I bring in. They’re not just my producers, they’re my second and third band members.
— Jason Lancaster
Zack and Kenneth are SO talented and fun to work with. We never stop laughing and they have always made me feel like a superstar!
— Tiffany Houghton